Sensor Augmentation for Robotic Teleoperation

Haptic virtual fixtures have been shown to improve operator performance in several teleoperated tasks. To improve the ease and usefulness of teleoperation, we would like to synthesize, based on arbitrary sensor parameters and operator intention/task, an optimal haptic virtual fixture.  Read More

Haptics and Virtual Fixtures for Robotic Teleoperation

We provide noncontact, real-time methods for haptic rendering based on 3D depth information captured from commercially available RGB-D cameras. Virtual fixtures for teleoperation can provide automatic safety measures during stressful or delicate operations such as surgery by limiting the operator’s workspace to safe regions and reducing mental workload through this form of shared autonomy. Read More

Security for Teleoperated Systems

This project is developing tools to prevent security threats in telerobotics, by monitoring and detecting malicious activities and correcting for them. To develop tools to prevent and mitigate security threats against telerobotic systems, this project adapts cybersecurity methods and extends them to cyber-physical systems. Read More

Teleoperation Software Simulation

A ROS/Simulink software environment in virtual reality for the teleoperated control of a robotic system for the remediation of underwater munitions. Read More