For Prospective Undergraduate Students

Space for undergraduate researchers is limited based on available graduate mentors as well as the individual student’s skills and fit for the proposed project. Undergraduate students at the University of Washington who are interested in conducting research for credit in the BioRobotics Lab must attend a meeting for prospective undergraduate researchers prior to being considered. These meetings usually occur at the beginning of every quarter and are mandatory for consideration for research. The meeting will discuss potential research projects and expectations for undergraduate researchers as well as answer questions that prospective students may have. At the end of the meeting, information will be given on how to apply for research. Please note that undergraduate students who join as researchers are required to take one quarter of EE490 before taking EE499.

Please fill out this google form if you are interested in doing undergraduate research at the BioRobotics lab. If you have any questions, please email to the student’s coordinator Joseph Sullivan at jgs6156[at] .