BRL in the News

BluHaptics, a spinoff from the BioRobotics Lab, just received $1.3 million in Series A funding from a group of Seattle investors to help it develop a commercial product for delivery later this year.  Check out the coverage from these area journals:


Congrats to BRL professor Blake Hannaford on being named an Amazon Catalyst Fellow.  Read the full article here.


BRL alumnus Fredrik Ryden was featured by UW CoMotion for his work as a Commercialization fellow.  Read more here.

Fredrik and fellow BRL alumnus Charlie Matlack (founder of startup PotaVida) were panel members to prospective EE graduate students as they visited campus last week, discussing how the university supports entrepreneurship.

Welcome to Fall Quarter!

Hello all!  Welcome to fall quarter here at UW.  We have a few announcements and some news:

  • We’d like to welcome new graduate students Momona Yamagami and Benjamin Ferleger!
  • Congrats to Andrew Haddock for passing his General Exam!


Finally, BRL alum Charlie Matlack is a co-founder of the water purifying startup PotaVida.  They were just profiled in the Seattle Times.  Read the article here.

Raven in the news!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.48.06 PM



The Raven surgical robot was featured in episode 5 of “Heartbeat”, NBC’s new medical drama.  Check out the episode here.







Also, BRL’s spinoff company Applied Dexterity took Raven to NASA as a part of efforts to take the surgical robot to the International Space Station.  Applied Dexterity talked about their visit here.

Howard Chizeck appointed 2015 Presidential Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellow

20150121pbp_H-Chizeck_1519BRL Faculty Howard Chizeck has been appointed as a 2015 UW CoMotion Presidential Innovation Fellow due to his involvement in the University’s program for affiliated start-ups and his past entrepreneurial experience.

From the UW EE Announcement:

Chizeck’s nomination materials highlight his entrepreneurial success translating research into products. Early in his career, Chizeck founded Controlsoft, Inc., in 1985, which for 30 years has provided control algorithms and software for industrial uses and municipal water systems. More recently, Chizeck cofounded BluHaptics in 2013, which enables precision control of robots and drones and anticipates major expansion in late 2015. Chizeck was also involved in the inception of the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) and has continued to be part of its leadership. Through the CSNE, Chizeck and his students have developed cutting-edge brain-computer interface technologies related to deep brain stimulation for the treatment of movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

Read the full EE Announcement of his appointment here-


C-SATS, a new BRL-affiliated spinoff, raises $2.5M to evaluate surgeons

csats_logoC-SATS is a new BRL-affiliated startup that aims to crowd-source evaluation of surgical skills to qualified experts and extra-institutional reviewers. The startup was founded by BRL alumni Timothy Kowalewski and Lee White as well as BRL affiliated faculty member Tom Lendvay. Check out the C-SATS website for more information at

C-SATS was also recently covered by an extensive Geekwire article available here.