Outreach & Spinoffs

Outreach and Education

DSC01803The BioRobotics Lab at the University of Washington performs a wide variety of outreach events.

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From the Applied Dexterity Website: Applied Dexterity’s goal is to advance the field of robotically assisted surgery by creating a research surgical robot that fosters collaboration. Researchers can program and modify the RAVENTM system but it serves as a standard platform so that they can share their software and improvements. RAVEN is designed to be an extensible, robust, and programmable research tool to allow researchers in engineering, surgery, and computer science to experiment, innovate, and collaborate.



BluHaptics is a startup taking haptic technologies developed within the BioRobotics lab and applying them to underwater teleoperation.




C-SATS is a BRL affiliated startup that aims to evaluate and improve surgeons skills through the use of scaleable software, distributed experts, and extra-institutional reviewers.




PotaVida is the company started by BRL alum Charlie Matlack.  Their Smart Solar Purifier uses sunlight to provide clean drinking water without chemicals.