BRL research on telerobotic security featured on VICE Motherboard

UPDATE 7/27/2016

VICE Motherboard has posted several more articles following the YouTube video originally posted.  They are part of a larger series, The Hacks We Can’t See.

Why We Should Be a Little Paranoid About Hackers Messing With Robot Surgeons

The Internet of Things Will Turn Large-Scale Hacks into Real World Disasters

Original Post

Victoria Turk of VICE Motherboard interviewed BRL investigators Howard Chizeck, Blake Hannaford, and Tamara Bonaci on the security of teleoperated surgical robots. Tamara demonstrates to Victoria what it would feel like to operate the Raven II surgical robot while it’s under a denial of service attack. You can read VICE Motherboard’s article here, and you can read Tamara’s paper on the subject here.