Welcome spring quarter 2016!

Spring break has ended and we’re ready for another busy quarter here at BRL.  We’d like to recognize the accomplishments of our students over winter quarter:

  • Maggie Thompson and our collaborators had a paper accepted for the 6th International Brain Computer Interface meeting
    • M. Thompson,  J. Herron, A. Ko, and H. Chizeck. (2016). Demonstration of a Chronic Brain-Computer Interface using a Deep Brain Stimulator. In: 6th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting.
  • Bora Banjanin presented his work on estimating predictive dynamic models of legged locomotion from data at a conference and a workshop:
    • B. Banjanin, S. Burden, T. Moore, S. Revzen, and R. Full.  “Estimating predictive dynamical models of legged locomotion from
      data,” Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology, Portland, Oregon, Jan 5, 2016.
    • B. Banjanin.  “Estimating predictive dynamical models of legged locomotion from data,” Fifth Annual Winter Workshop on Neuromechanics and Dynamics of Locomotion, New Orleans, Louisiana, Jan 21-22, 2016.
  • We had three papers accepted to the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation:
    • Yangming Li*, Muneaki Miyasaka, Mohammad Haghighipanah, Blake Hannaford
      Dynamic Modeling of Cable Driven Elongated Surgical Instruments for Sensorless Grip Force Estimation
    • Mohammad Haghighipanah*, Muneaki Miyasaka, Yangming Li, Blake Hannaford
      Unscented Kalman Filter and 3D Vision to Improve Cable Driven Surgical Robot Joint Angle Estimation
    • Muneaki Miyasaka*, Mohammad Haghighipanah, Blake Hannaford
      Hysteresis Model of Longitudinally Loaded Cable for Cable Driven Robots and Identification of the Parameters

Congratulations to all of our accepted authors and presenters!