Previous Research – Diamond

Integrated Architectures for Quantum Information Processing

Current quantum computing systems are bulky and don’t do much. To realize a quantum advantage, we’ll need to build, maintain, and control quantum systems of tens, hundreds, and eventually millions of qubits.

Luckily, we can learn from the evolution of classical computing and begin to integrate quantum nodes, control fields, and classical logic. I’m interested in designing and demonstrating integrated, scalable architectures for building, maintaining, and controlling quantum systems. During my PhD I integrated diamond based quantum memories into a photonic integrated circuit and am interested in expanding this to leverage CMOS technology.


1. Scalable integration of long-lived quantum memories into a photonic circuit Sara Mouradian, Tim Schroeder, Carl B. Poitras, Luozhou Li, Jordan Goldstein, Edward H. Chen, Michael Walsh, Jaime Cardenas, Matthew L. Markham, Daniel J. Twitchen, Michal Lipson, Dirk Englund, PRX, 5 (3), 031009 (2015)

2. A tunable waveguide-coupled cavity design for scalable interfaces to solid-state quantum emitters Sara Mouradian, Dirk Englund, APL Photonics, 2 (4), 046103 (2017)

Design and Fabrication of Diamond Nanophotonics

The NV center in diamond is an important tool for quantum information processing, and almost all applications directly depend on the rate of photons that can be collected from these centers. To increase the rate of emission and collection, it is necessary to pattern the diamond on the scale of the wavelengths of interest (100s of nm). We have developed a process to fabricate state-of-the-art nanophotonic structures from bulk diamond, demonstrating increased emission, collection, and routing control of photons emitted from NV centers in diamond.


1. Rectangular Photonic Crystal Nanobeam Cavities in Bulk Diamond Sara Mouradian, Noel Wan, Tim Schroeder, Dirk Englund, Applied Physics Letters 111, 021103 (2017)

2. Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Slab Nanocavities on Bulk Single-Crystal Diamond Noel Wan, Sara Mouradian, Dirk Englund, Applied Physics Letters 112, 141102 (2018)

3. Fabrication of Triangular Nano Beam Waveguide Networks in Bulk Diamond Using Single-Crystal Silicon Hard Masks, Igal Bayn*, Sara Mouradian* , Luozhou Li, Tim Schroeder, Ophir Gaathon, Ming Lu, Aaron Stein, Dirk Englund, APL 105 (21), 211101 (2014)