Global Electrical & Computer Engineering Program



The 2020 Global Electrical and Computer Engineering Program has been cancelled due to concerns around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

Experience life as a student at a top-ranked American university and enhance your understanding of key topics in electrical and computer engineering. The Global Electrical and Computer Engineering Program is a six-week professional enrichment educational experience for international undergraduate students.  Coursework centers on the core fundamentals of electrical and computer engineering, plus advanced skills in using English and learning the culture of the American academic setting. This program is offered jointly by the UW Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and UW International & English Language Programs.

Program Features

  • Study at a highly ranked electrical and computer engineering department in one of the world’s leading public universities — the University of Washington.
  • Enroll in two engineering courses that feature exciting hands-on electrical and computer engineering laboratory experiences.
  • Learn about the industry through guided visits to corporations in the Seattle area such as Microsoft, Fluke, and T-Mobile.
  • Enjoy the beautiful 643-acre University of Washington campus and neighboring University District community.
  • Increase cross-cultural skills and develop strategies for success in American higher education through an American Academic Culture course.
  • Meet university students from around the world while enhancing your electrical and computer engineering and critical thinking skills.
  • Experience the vibrant city of Seattle and its many outdoor attractions during the beautiful summer season.

During the stay there, we had lectures given by UW ECE professors. From these lectures, we not only gain the professional knowledge, do the experiments on our own, we can also experience the differences between an American class and Chinese one. Besides, we had several visiting trips to famous local companies combined to the lectures, like Boeing, Microsoft, T-Mobile, etc. All of the above made me gain the cultural and international knowledge and hope to take this experience into a future career.

I can honestly say I started missing UW and the Seattle city the very minute I hopped onto the plane to get back home. Seattle is such a nice city with beautiful weather and friendly people. It’s safe, serene and modern. That’s why I decided to choose UW for my graduate school and I am so lucky and happy to get back here to become a Husky of 2019. I believe UW EE will enhance my knowledge and help me greatly in attaining my career goals. Haotian Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

Offsite Visits

Every year, students in the Global Electrical and Computer Engineering program visit several Seattle-area companies for an inside view of industry. One of the 2017 offsite visits was to Microsoft AI and Research offices to learn about Microsoft Translator’s speech translation technology.