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Center on Satellite Multimedia and Connected Vehicles

CMMB Vision – UWEE Center on Satellite Multimedia and Connected Vehicles (Link)

Director:  Sumit Roy
Affiliated Faculty:  J-N Hwang
Research Scientist:  Guanbin Xing
Students:  Xiangyu Gao, Sian Jin

CMMB Vision-UWEE Center is dedicated to advancement of satellite networking, multimedia, smart connected vehicles and artificial intelligence/machine learning technologies. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge solutions that enable delivery of information to people around the world anytime/anywhere at unprecedented speed, scale, and (low) cost. The goal of the center is to conduct fundamental systems-oriented research and design prototyping in related areas (wireless communications, multimedia processing, artificial intelligence/machine learning, mmWave solutions for connected vehicles etc.) that are potentially disruptive for the satellite and automotive industry segments.

1. Radar Vision for Autonomous Vehicles 

This project aims to deliver high-accuracy radar object recognition, as well as high-resolution radar imaging results for environmental perception in future (semi) autonomous driver assistance operational modes.

2. Radar Signal Processing and MAC for Interference Mitigation

This project aims to deal with mutual vehicular radar interference in resource-constrained (time, frequency constrained) environments. This is an important problem as it addresses a real need for future vehicular radar systems. Several novel algorithmic solutions are proposed, including multiple access control (MAC) protocol design and advanced radar signal processing.