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Other Questions

  • I am planning to relocate; do I need to take any actions?

Any movement outside of WA state should be reported to the student’s professor and shared with Payroll so updates can be made in Workday. 

For moving within the U.S., the following changes will need to be made:

    1. Confirm with professor/supervisor that work can be completed outside of WA state.
    2. Update primary address in Workday to reflect out of state address ( This will ensure students are taxed correctly based upon the state they are in.
    3. Email Payroll ( after the primary address has been updated.

Working outside of the country requires additional documentation and approval. No students should be working outside the U.S. without notifying payroll, advising, and the Graduate School. The ability to work outside the U.S. is limited due to the tax risks it could have on the student/employee and the University.

Here is the statement about location changes and abroad work:

The ECE department recognizes extenuating circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic may cause work locations to change. Prior to a location change, please refer to the updated UW policies reflected on the UW Human Resources web page: ( If the extenuating circumstances outlined in the policy align with your situation, it is your responsibility to notify your supervisor, instructor, and/or academic services contact of your situation as soon as possible and to ensure international remote work is approved.


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