February 19, 2019

TA Spotlight: Part 1

In this two-part post, we spotlight a few of our ECE TAs and learn a little bit more about them. First up are three TAs working in a 300-level, 400-level, and 500-level EE course.

Yana Sosnovskaya
EE 448
Ph.D. EE — Robotics, Systems, and Controls

Life Before UW: I’m originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, then I lived for 3 years in Boston, MA.

Choosing UW: Seattle is a really nice city, and the architecture of UW is gorgeous. My family also lives here.

About TA-ing This Quarter: I’m the TA for a capstone project class. It requires I attend meetings with capstone project teams, give them advice about any technical issues, communication issues inside of team, scheduling and other administrative duties, and I also try to find any useful resources for teams to use in projects.

Proudest Teaching Moment So Far: I was instructor for EE P 502 class last quarter, and I feel I learned a lot and grew as an instructor and TA. I gained knowledge how to manage TAs, graders and class content, how to deal with hard situations with students, and how to be stubborn with grading. I made cool problems for HWs and Labs, found new ways to explain material, and even learned to dig more into the class material because of challenging questions from students.

Di Sun
EE 527
Ph.D. EE — MEMS and Microfabrication

Life Before UW: I was living in China.

Choosing UW: UW has the most beautiful campus.

Favorite Part of Winter Quarter: Skiing

About TA-ing This Quarter: I am TAing a course on microfabrication. I am helping students with microfabrication process to fabricate micro systems.

Favorite University Professor So Far: Prof. Chris Rudell. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about integrated circuit design. He also cares his students a lot.

Eli Glusker
EE 331
Ph.D. EE — Electromagnetics

Life Before UW: I was born and living in Augusta, Maine.

Choosing UW: A friend of mine who applied here recommended the program. After visiting the school and touring Seattle, I was committed.

Favorite Part of Winter Quarter: The fact that it’s not 0°F every day here and I’ll never have to shovel 2 feet of snow off my car in the morning.

About TA-ing This Quarter: I’m in charge of proctoring lab sections and grading labs.

Tips for Student Success in His Class: Talk to the TAs in lab if you’re confused/stuck, and study the course material with other classmates.

Proudest Teaching Moment So Far: Being the “cool” TA?