April 16, 2019

We do have a number of the most popular WordPress themes already installed, and you are welcome to use any of them. If there is a theme you want but we do not provide, let us know – if the theme has a decent security track record and is currently maintained, we are happy to accommodate you. Please be aware that not all WordPress themes meet this standard, though…

Because of security and maintenance concerns, we have instituted a moratorium on installing additional plugins. Running a full-service WordPress server would require a dedicated full-time admin, and we simply don’t have the resources for that. This policy was adopted to serve what we see as the best interests of the average user, but we understand it may not work for everyone – so if you need something more than we can provide, there are lots of commercial WordPress hosts that would be happy to serve you!

Also please note this is a shared resource with a fairly small storage allocation. If you want to host large files like videos, you’ll need to store those elsewhere and link to them from your WordPress site.

We are happy to help with any technical issues, but we do not have a designer on staff with ECE Computing. You can certainly ask us questions! But be aware that users will generally be expected to figure out how to get their WordPress site to look they way they want it to on their own.