April 16, 2019

Hello ECE WordPress users!

I’m posting this as a reminder for people who have editing or admin access to any website hosted on an ECE WordPress server. This includes the main ECE website; the Advising Blog; and a number of lab, research group, and class websites.

When you need to work on your site, remember that admin access to all ECE WordPress servers is only allowed from the UW wired network. This does NOT affect who can visit your website – there are no restrictions on that. But if you want to log in, edit, or create a page, the WordPress server will check where you’re connecting from.

This doesn’t mean you can’t edit pages from off-campus or from UW’s wifi network! But, to do so, you’ll need to first connect to the Husky OnNet VPN. Please see the following page for info:


The other thing to remember is: To edit your site, you need to log in using your UW username (your NetID, in other words) and your UW password. Do not preface it with “netid\” – just enter your actual username.

If your website’s theme doesn’t provide an obvious “log in” link available, you can just use the following link for logging in to any site on this server:


If you have any questions – or run into any problems – please email webmaster@ece.uw.edu.

Thank you!