CMMB Vision – UW EE Center on Satellite Multimedia and Connected Vehicles will be a leading research center dedicated to advancement of satellite networking, multimedia, smart connected vehicles and artificial intelligence/machine learning technologies. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge solutions that enable delivery of information to people around the world anytime/anywhere at unprecedented speed, scale, and (low) cost. The goal of the center is to conduct fundamental systems-oriented research and design prototyping in related areas (wireless communications, multimedia processing, artificial intelligence/machine learning, mmWave solutions for connected vehicles etc.) that are potentially disruptive for the satellite and automotive industry segments.

The center will constitute a novel spearhead for industry-academic collaborations in this emerging area that combines expertise and capacities of a renowned research university with the bold systems vision offered by CMMB, in addressing the complex interdisciplinary integration challenges. It will contribute to UWEE graduate and undergraduate program by training students in the above disciplines and demonstrate viable prototype solutions to industrial partners and government agencies, to mature them for larger scale deployment.

CMMB Vision honored at 2017 UW Recognition Gala

CMMB Vision was honored on September 8 at the 2017 UW Recognition Gala for their partnership with the UW Department of Electrical Engineering (UW EE) and support in establishing the CMMB Vision-UW EE Center on Satellite Multimedia and Connected Vehicles.

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UW EE-based team wins AI City Challenge

A team of graduate students and researchers, led by UW Electrical Engineering Professor Jenq-Neng Hwang, won the Track 2 challenge in the IEEE Smart World NVIDIA AI City Challenge.

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Partnership with CMMB launches new center on smart, connected communities

CMMB Vision has awarded UW Electrical Engineering a $1.5 million gift to establish the CMMB Vision-UW Center on Satellite Multimedia and Connected Vehicles.

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